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The Oneness Temple (Golden City, India)
About Oneness Temple located in Golden City, Varadaiahpalem, India

The Oneness Temple, (see the picture) located in the Golden City, Varadaiahpalem, Chittoor Dist. Andhra Pradesh, India, is to be a temple for all religions. When it opens visitors will be welcome to visit the temple and experience the Divine in a manner consistent with their own religion, with their own beliefs about God. This simple, universal approach will then begin to influence the field of consciousness around the world, helping to uplift humanity into the Golden Age of Oneness.

Opening of Oneness Temple is currently planned for April 22, 2008.

Amma Bhagavan's ashram in Golden City is a very special place filled with enlightened beings. He says some of the reasons he chose this location for his Oneness University is because of the high energetic vibration of the land and the high concentration of enlightened beings that can be found there.

What Bhagavan has said about Oneness Temple:

The Oneness Temple is a very unique temple. As we walk through the various passages of the temple our Chakras would start opening up starting with the Mooladhara (Base) to Sahasrara (Crown).

As we come near the dome of the temple, our fontal lobes would be activated. When the fontal lobes are activated, we would be able to see the God we worship. If one is a Christian, he would see Christ, a Hindu would see his Hindu God, a Muslim would have his experience of God.

People from all faiths and religions from anywhere in the world could come and pray to their God in their own way. They would see their God. This is a temple for the whole of humanity.

The Oneness Temple will influence the morphogenic fields across the globe, elevating man to Enlightenment, an altered state of consciousness, ultimately culminating into "God Realization". Immeasurable Divine Grace of Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan is naturally an awesome wonder.