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Jeevashram School, Satyaloka
The place where the descent of divine grace manifested.

Jeevashram is the place when Sri Bhagavan started his first retreats and is located at a campus known as Satyaloka in Andra Pradesh state in India. This is the place where the descent of Golden Orb of Divine Grace took place. The Golden Ball of Divine Grace that descended there is a divinely intelligent program that, once initiated within the individual, begins a process of simultaneously clearing psychological conditioning and residue of the past whilst opening one to divine experience. A way was found where the Divine Will could use one human being to transfer the golden ball to another and the phenomenon of the oneness blessing was born.

On July 19 1989 a mystical event occurred at Jeevashram School for young children in remote southern India that was the harbinger of a phenomenon now unfolding as one of the most profound events in human history. A golden ball of divine light and intelligence that came to be known as the Golden Ball of Divine Grace descended into a small boy. It gave rise to expanded states of consciousness in the boy, states that we have in the past heard referred to as Self-realisation and God-realisation. These states have been experienced by the great saints and sages throughout history although normally after aeons of practices and disciplines. But here it was given as a simple gift from on high. Soon other children in the school began to have similar experiences, experiences so extraordinary and unfathomable that parents and the broader community began to fear that some kind of unimaginable magic was being performed there. Humanity was clearly not ready for this kind of manifestation, and, for a time, the phenomenon was forced underground and not spoken about. It was to emerge again later on a world scale during the year of 2003.